BANIKI, the brand whose name is the contraction of Barbara, Nicole and Kimpel, is constituted of multiple capsule collections, from handbags and clothing to divers accessories. For the handbag collection we have created timeless and easy-going bags as well as more chic day to day or evening bags without forgetting the “must have” comfortable totes as the best traveling companion.
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Interview Hola December 2020

Today I share with you the experience I had during another interview/photoshoot I did for Hola. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous before the shoot and didn’t sleep very well, but it passed quite quickly. It is always a pleasure to work...

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Second Lockdown in Switzerland

I am ready for my second lockdown, currently happening in beautiful Switzerland. We managed pretty good the first time around but “the second wave has proven to be devastating” .It’s not under control anymore. But I am convinced it will be ok with an effort...

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My covid experience with my love

A few months ago Antonio and I finally got reunited after months being separated during the quarantine (time that I spent working from home in Switzerland with my sister on our brand) that we each spent in different countries. I rejoiced too soon! Antonio got...

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How to pack light for travel

When you fly as often as we do you don’t want to spend hours at the airport especially nowadays. One way to save time and avoid the hassle of checking in your luggage and waiting, if you are lucky, for your suitcases to arrive, is...

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How to make bread at home

  Baking has always been a tradition in my family for generations. I find it to be such a relaxing peaceful and joyful experience. The smell of the baked goods in the oven is always a real delight. And now during quarantine it is just the...

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Golden Globes Awards 2020

Golden Globes, Antonio Banderas nomination.   I am so proud of the hard work Antonio has done in one of his latest movie Pain and Glory. In my opinion it is a masterpiece, the whole team involved have been extraordinary. It is not surprising that the awards...

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Luteína para los ojos
Health Tip: Use lutein

Lutein for dry eyes   I am sure many of you have experienced dry eyes, whether it comes from the dry air, contact lenses, allergies, or other reasons. Here is something that I tried and that could help you with that. Apart from eye drops, I found something...

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Baniki during the Coronavirus quarantine

Baniki, how we deal with the Coronavirus crisis. As a brand, how did we deal and are reacting to the current Coronavirus crisis:   For starters, our products are all handmade in Italy, so it goes without saying that Baniki is very much affected by it as well.   Italy...

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