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Fitness lifestyle, by Barbara Kimpel

Fitness lifestyle, by Barbara Kimpel

Fitness has always been an important part of my life. It is a subject that I have always found fascinating. Already during my university years I would study fitness nutrition, and health on the side as a minor.
One thing I learned, is that it’s important to stick to your fitness goals and make it fun and not an obligation. It should be part of your lifestyle. Your body and health should never be neglected.
Nutrition is as important if not more than working out. I eat healthy most of the time, although I have a serious chocolate weakness (I’ll have some every day hahaha one amongst many things I have in common with my sister:)) I never dieted in my life either.
But for now let’s focus on the fitness as nutrition is an entire chapter on its own that I would love to share with you as well at some point.

My fitness routines

I try to work out at least 4 times a week.  I travel a lot but always find a way to fit in a workout routine. And doing it in different places makes it even more fun. I usually do a mix between cardio, light weight training, outdoor activities (such as hiking running or simply long walks) and Pilates with my own body weight on different days. The key is to not be doing the same routine over and over as your body gets used to it and you won’t see results anymore.
I have never been a big fan of yoga, but relaxation or meditation is also a great way to reflect on your life and decompress a bit from your day to day activities. It’s an important step towards mental health. 
After I work out, it’s important for me to stretch. Fitness is not just about running and lifting. For me, being fit is also about stretching and breathing. Stretching helps the muscles stay long, it improves mobility and, most importantly, helps to avoid injuries. Don’t forget to stretch at the end of each workout it will also avoid you getting stiff and make your more flexible over time.
Some exercises here in Marbella

I am here with a personal trainer in Marrakech after a session.

You don’t need to work out in a gym. It’s easy to work out anywhere at home or  outside even with no equipment 🙂

Stretching on a mat in a Pilates studio in Amsterdam.


Running in Geneva in a park.


Hiking with a beautiful view here in Malibu.

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