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Golden Globes Awards 2020

Golden Globes, Antonio Banderas nomination.


I am so proud of the hard work Antonio has done in one of his latest movie Pain and Glory. In my opinion it is a masterpiece, the whole team involved have been extraordinary. It is not surprising that the awards and nominations keep coming.


Consequently we had to go to the United States for him to receive awards one in Palm Springs at the PS international Film festival and one in New York at the NY Film Critics Circle –for Best Actor- and also we went in Los Angeles in between for a nomination for Best Actor at the Golden Globes.


Golden Globes

Golden Globes Night, the experience.


A lot of people have been asking me how Golden Gobles are. Well here it is in a nut shell.


It takes almost all day… you have to start getting ready around noon. Makeup, hair, what you will wear, accessories etc. But it’s worth it because everybody looks stunning!


Then there is transportation, it is very meticulously organized with accreditation and official cars. You have to leave around 2:30 or 3pm depending on what time they want you to arrive ( that is another story…) to go thru all the security checks which are enormous. There is so much police control and coverage, they even have snipers on the roofs around the event.  No safer place in LA then the Golden Globes!



Later, you arrive with all the press and media communication. Then hours of interviews, press and last photo-call red carpet. Finally you enter the ceremony hall and if you are lucky and on time you can have a quick dinner which unfortunately we weren’t so we starved all night.


I find the ceremony really interesting because you meet all kinds of people from the show business but also see beautiful and strange fashion. The best part is the after party where everyone gets to relax and eat.


Hope you liked to know all these details! See you soon.


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