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Second Lockdown in Switzerland

I am ready for my second lockdown, currently happening in beautiful Switzerland. We managed pretty good the first time around but “the second wave has proven to be devastating” .It’s not under control anymore. But I am convinced it will be ok with an effort from all of us.


Most of you are probably really tired of this situation. Who would have thought that the same situation would concern the whole world. Basically we are all in this together. Sounds crazy but true.
What can we do besides wearing masks, hand sanitizers, washing hands frequently and distancing? We have to be optimistic, keep positive, busy, and, in a way, reinvent ourselves to adapt to this new situation and way of living.


No need to panic about food supplies or toilet paper deficiencies this time. There will be enough for everyone. I have stocked on chocolates, the Swiss brands: Sprüngli and Läderach (mmm… so good), my favorites.

baniki-switzerland-chocolate    lockdown-switzerland-baniki


Activities to keep yourself busy during lockdown

I’ll catch up on my readings. Currently reading a book about “supplementation” which, by the way, is a subject I am quite smitten by and will be a next subject on our blog. Vitamins minerals, diet and hormones, all the good stuff to stay young, healthy, happy and full of energy.


Reorganizing your closet: I don’t know about you, but this gives a sense of control and tidiness in my life. Clean house, everything in order brings me an inner peace. You should give it a try.


Also important during my second quarantine is exercising. As I mentioned in on of my previous posts, it’s always been an important part of my life. Not only do you feel good and look better, but it also boost your immune system and spurs your hormone levels to rise as well.


Keep active in any way. Take a stroll during the day for 30-45 min, go for a run or exercise at home. There are some amazing videos you can watch on youtube or get a trainer on zoom or FaceTime. I know some that I can highly recommend as well if you want.




Concerning work, I know it’s hard right now with the working from home etc… Not all of you can manage it, but we need to keep active in a way. Try to do a new business online or change your activity into an online business. If you have any specific skills, you could have someone benefit from it. Example teach a languages, share your cooking skills, math, computer etc… There are so many things you can do.


Above all, keep thinking positive and help people, friends and family around you to do the same. Stay close to your family by chat and video calls. It’s the perfect time to rebond with lost connections.


Together we can make it. It’s only a matter of time, patience and the good work of all the scientist, doctors and other people involved doing everything they can to get us though this hard time. So let’s help them in our way as well.


Stay safe and sound xoxo Kimpel sisters

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