BANIKI, the brand whose name is the contraction of Barbara, Nicole and Kimpel, is constituted of multiple capsule collections, from handbags and clothing to divers accessories. For the handbag collection we have created timeless and easy-going bags as well as more chic day to day or evening bags without forgetting the “must have” comfortable totes as the best traveling companion.
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Nicole Kimpel
Barbara Kimpel


Barbara and Nicole were born in Stuttgart and spent there their preschool years. After, they have lived in Düsseldorf. And then, their family moved to Switzerland. In Geneva, they started school and studied french. Shortly before graduating at high school, Barbara and Nicole had to decide between keep studying in Switzerland or follow their father to United States. Finally, they moved to USA.
When they went to the university, started their studies in the East Cost, and then in West Coast. But they graduated in Geneva, Switzerland.
Nicole started her carrer in a software company. After, she had worked in international banking and also in a private bank in Geneva.
Barbara backed to the USA and worked in a real state company. After a while, she returned to Geneva and joined to a Biotechnology company to attract inversors and arrange charity events.
Both continued learning in finances, real state and big data. Suported on their expertise and studies, they decided to start their own business. Their abilities, languages knowledge and international experience has helped them to start this new business, Baniki, but also any other new project they want in arts or fashion.