BANIKI, the brand whose name is the contraction of Barbara, Nicole and Kimpel, is constituted of multiple capsule collections, from handbags and clothing to divers accessories. For the handbag collection we have created timeless and easy-going bags as well as more chic day to day or evening bags without forgetting the “must have” comfortable totes as the best traveling companion.
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Baniki during the Coronavirus quarantine

Baniki during the Coronavirus quarantine

Baniki, how we deal with the Coronavirus crisis.

As a brand, how did we deal and are reacting to the current Coronavirus crisis:


For starters, our products are all handmade in Italy, so it goes without saying that Baniki is very much affected by it as well.


Italy is under quarantine, like a lot of other countries right now, so all production was stopped, of course.


As for now, all we can do is work from home, create a new collection by brainstorming together, choosing new textures, fabrics, etc.


We will try to continue to post stories and news and share photos of our brand to bring some brightness in this dark moment, and we very much look forward to share the new collection with you as soon as all this will have passed by.


These are difficult times, but remember we are all together in this situation, and we will fight this as one!! It’s important to care for one another and respect each other’s space and environment in order to flatten the curve. Right now it’s most important to stay home to not spread this virus any further.


Now is the time to be creative, read, think, study and come up with fun ideas. But also, to re-evaluate your life and the important things that you didn’t pay attention to anymore. Reflect on what is important.


Hopefully we will all come out of this Coronavirus quarantine  stronger.



Kimpel Sisters.

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