BANIKI, the brand whose name is the contraction of Barbara, Nicole and Kimpel, is constituted of multiple capsule collections, from handbags and clothing to divers accessories. For the handbag collection we have created timeless and easy-going bags as well as more chic day to day or evening bags without forgetting the “must have” comfortable totes as the best traveling companion.
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Interview Hola December 2020

Interview Hola December 2020


Today I share with you the experience I had during another interview/photoshoot I did for Hola.

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous before the shoot and didn’t sleep very well, but it passed quite quickly. It is always a pleasure to work with the Hola team, they always treat me beautifully and we always have a lot of fun shooting.

We choose Antonio and my home in Malaga which was never photographed so far. It is a beautiful location in the heart of Malaga with incredible views of the town and the ocean. It was just the perfect scene for this special shoot.

For the photographer, I chose Valero Rioja, he is incredible and I had the pleasure to work with him before, and also one of my favorite makeup artist Ramón Ríos.






The stylist, Iria came up with some great outfits and cool designers as well as beautiful jewelry from Rabat.


The interview & Baniki

The interview was quite interesting, you will find the video on the hola online. I got to tell you a little bit more about “Baniki” the line that I share with my twin sister Barbara as well as some more stories about my life with my love Antonio and our day to day.

This edition was dedicated to the Christmas season so we can share a bit of these magical times with you.

I hope you like it, much love Kimpelsisters.



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