BANIKI, the brand whose name is the contraction of Barbara, Nicole and Kimpel, is constituted of multiple capsule collections, from handbags and clothing to divers accessories. For the handbag collection we have created timeless and easy-going bags as well as more chic day to day or evening bags without forgetting the “must have” comfortable totes as the best traveling companion.
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How to pack light for travel

When you fly as often as we do you don’t want to spend hours at the airport especially nowadays. One way to save time and avoid the hassle of checking in your luggage and waiting, if you are lucky, for your suitcases to arrive, is to only travel with a carry on luggage.


Our tips to getting ready before travel


Now how to pack so that you still can enjoy your trip and have all the essentials you need. This is what works for us:


Always take a pair of sneakers so you can exercise or walk comfortably everywhere and don’t put on too many kilos during your trip. That way you can enjoy and have a nice night and diner out without feeling bad.


For that, you will need an evening dress or outfit with some high heels, a must to always have a sexy chic option. Never leave without a jeans and T-shirt which by the way you can dress up or down with the high heels and sneakers as well.


Now the secret is layering your cloths that you have on while you fly so your cary on isn’t overweight. So I always have my jacket on me and not in the cary on, as well as a sweater or blazer.


Another trick is to mix and match. So for example with two tops and two pants you have four outfits and so on.


When it comes to liquids we all have experienced the annoying security checks where they have confiscated your favourite creams. I respect the work of the agents who mostly have our safety in mind, but girls need their creams. I go with mini traveling kits or I make my one mini jars. Most brands have travel sizes nowadays!


Good luck and please if you have any recommendations share.


Don’t forget your passport and you are ready to go!


PS: We took the photos before the covid-19 pandemic. We should not forget our mask and hydro-alcoholic gel to wash our hands continuously. Also, whenever possible, we should keep a safe distance, for your sake and the good of all. We hope that all of you are well and that we can recover our lives, valuing more than ever what we have.


See you soon,


Kimpel Sisters

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