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Ávila and El Escorial: Beautiful little towns chosen for Antonio’s next movie


Antonio is currently filming for “Official Competition”. A new movie he is performing with Penelope Cruz and Oscar Martinez. The director elected really interesting and unique Spanish locations for this film. Two of the locations chosen for the shooting of Antonio’s new film are: Ávila and El Escorial.

baniki-escorial-avila                    avila-antonio-banderas


Visiting the locations of Antonio’s new film: Ávila and El Escorial

I accompanied Antonio during the shooting in various locations. Two locations that we have been together were El Escorial and Ávila. El Escorial is a town near Madrid which is known by its Monasterio Real one of the most emblematic monument in Spain which is considered a World Heritage Site.


Ávila is a city in the hills about 1’100m elevation northwest of Madrid. It is best known for its medieval city walls and for its delicious pastries such as the “Yemas of Ávila”. During the shooting of the movie I accompanied Antonio in various locations.




Both places share an important historical and cultural heritage.


During our visit to Ávila we stayed at the Parador, a beautiful place located at the historial centre of the city. We went for a stroll in the medieval part of the city. It was a beautiful end of summer night with the perfect temperature for a walk and for enjoying the sunset. We visited a few monuments of Ávila: the medieval wall, the cathedral and, of course we wouldn’t miss the local specialties store where we got some yummy sweets as well.



avila-film-antonio-banderas                     avila-cathedral-antonio



In El Escorial we visited the impressive Monasterio de El Escorial, a place full of history and art which is a must-see. We enjoyed the wonderful royal gardens and each and every space that this amazing monument offers.





We are aware of the difficult times we are experiencing right now, in consequence we acted responsibly. In every situation we followed the safety rules (mask, social distancing…) during the shooting and while we were doing site seeing as well. We were told by the locals that the city was more quite than usual and that some businesses had to close. It’s sad to see what is happening with the economy worldwide. Hope for things to get better in the near future.


Although we both had really busy schedules, we were lucky to be able to enjoy some of the richness of Spain’s most historical towns. After our visit we can confirm that the locations for Antonio’s film: Ávila and El Escorial are perfect. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. Much love xx

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