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My covid experience with my love


A few months ago Antonio and I finally got reunited after months being separated during the quarantine (time that I spent working from home in Switzerland with my sister on our brand) that we each spent in different countries. I rejoiced too soon! Antonio got infected with the virus and here we are, so close but yet so far away 🙁 That’s when our experience with covid started.




He decided to put himself in isolation in his room to avoid infecting me as I tested negative in the PCR. We followed the protocol all the time and we knew we had to be apart for a several days.

It is not easy to see a loved one suffer and not being able to come close to comfort them. But with this disease it is important when one contracts it, to stay apart.  If you want to stay healthy to be able to take care of your other half, you need to keep distance.


What to do when you are in quarantine?

Here are a few of the things I did on my daily routine during the quarantine period I lived. These are some advices I can give you from my experience:


  • Stay in separate rooms
  • Distancing
  • Mask and glasses
  • Wash hands and desinfect a lot
  • While bringing food do not contact and wash the dishes after with soap
  • Be conscious of what you touch
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Air all rooms by opening the windows frequently


In terms of food, I prepared for Antonio and myself healthy dishes with a lot of vegetables. We also had vitamins and echinacea one of my favorite immune booster. Liquids are also very important to stay healthy and hydrated, for example fresh squeezed orange juice and of course water and teas. And most importantly lots of sleep and rest.




I was being a good nurse 🙂 I tried my best and I can say that living together with a covid patient is totally feasible (following the security measures) !


Keeping in mind that positive thoughts, for yourself and for the patient, are important to lift the spirit up. This was crucial during our experience with covid.




He is now fully recovered thank God and we finally made it back to each other in our house❤️❤️

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